Church Revitalization

Church revitalization has become a much discussed topic in recent years. It has been said by many church demographers that over 90% of all local congregations need revitalization. Personally, I consider revitalization as an ongoing process rather than an event or season. Many believe revitalization to be a complex issue, requiring the involvement of trained professionals to steer the local pastor to a healthier ministry and congregation.

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Engage C3

Engage C3 is our regional theme for The Northern New England Church of God.

  • Engage our CALLING through interaction with the Holy Spirit.

  • Engage our CONGREGATIONS with mission.

  • Engage our COMMUNITIES with evangelism.

By focusing on these three vital areas of ministry, we join the larger Church of God family as we seek to FINISH THE GREAT COMMISSION! Every pastor and every church is VITAL in reaching this audacious goal.

Bishop White