Are You the Hulk or the Ant-Man?

In our most recent Vital Zoom Meeting (first Saturday of each month at 8pm) we were asked, “are you the Hulk or Ant-man?”

We were, of course, using this analogy to discuss the size and impact of the local church. We realize that there are some Hulks out there; large churches who because of size and resources can have profound impact. However, most pastor churches who might more readily identify with Ant-man. Both are super hero’s and do great exploits. However, each accomplishes his mission differently. Noticeably different is the fact that Hulk can smash his way to success, while Ant-man usually operates undetected in the margins and tight places.

We discussed five advantages to being Ant-man.

  1. Authenticity...People are looking for the real/raw

  2. Lean and Focused...Can’t do it all, so do a few things well

  3. People powered... it’s about relationships and task sharing

  4. Intergenerational...Young and old know one another...genuine community 5. Ministry in the margins...reaches places the big churches will not go.

Operate in the purpose and giftedness that God has given you. You are mighty enough to accomplish His goals!