Church Revitalization

Church revitalization has become a much discussed topic in recent years. It has been said by many church demographers that over 90% of all local congregations need revitalization. Personally, I consider revitalization as an ongoing process rather than an event or season. Many believe revitalization to be a complex issue, requiring the involvement of trained professionals to steer the local pastor to a healthier ministry and congregation.

While I don’t wish to belittle the work of capable, trained servants who assist local pastors in their journey, I will make the following observations that have been forged through twenty-five years of pastoral and eight years of church administrative service

  1. Only the pastor can lead revitalization. . Pastor, you are called and anointed

  2. Before church health and vision can be the focus, the focus must be on the health and vision of the pastor. . Healthier pastors promote healthier churches.

  3. Revitalization is organic and local, not a one size fits all program.

  4. While revitalization is intentional, it is most often incremental. . For the pastor needing revitalization . For the congregation

  5. Rarely, are sudden, big changes healthy.

  6. Communication with dialogue concerning your plan of action is imperative. . If no one is walking with you, you are not leading, you’re just wandering around.

  7. Invite the scrutiny of a limited number of trusted peers. . Outside eyes and ears can be helpful

  8. Stay the course, but be flexible!

Pastor, God has called and anointed you for the task before you. Walk in His anointing, passion and creativity. I believe in you!

Bishop White